Homeschooling Doubled in Size, Became More Diverse, Dept. of Ed. Report Shows

Experts are noting that as the homeschooling movement continues to rapidly grow, it is becoming more diverse ethnically, politically, and even religiously.

John Piper

John Piper: Christians Are Under No Moral Obligation to Vote

Theologian and founder of Desiring God John Piper is saying this week that a Christian is free to not vote; Followers of Jesus, he asserts, must first show their allegiance to another world.


‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Premiere: Mel Gibson Shares What He Thinks About Turning the Other Cheek (Interview)

On the red carpet of the premiere of "Hacksaw Ridge," Academy Award-winning actor and director Mel Gibson talked about Christian World World II hero Desmond Doss, and the amazing example he set by sticking to his convictions and turning the other cheek.

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ISIS Forcing Children, Elderly to Carry Out Barbaric Executions in Mosul

The Islamic State is forcing children and elderly people to carry out executions in its stronghold of Mosul in Iraq, as liberation forces backed by the U.S. are planning to carry out their operation to drive out the jihadists and free the city.

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