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3 More Things to Look for on Election Day Ballot: Casinos, Sex, Death Penalty (Part 2)

Choosing the future president of the United States of America is not the only decision voters across the nation will find themselves voting on come November 8.


Scholars Translate Richard Hooker's 'Laws' to Modern English to Equip Protestants Ignorant of Church History

A team of scholars is translating the work of a 16th century British theologian from old English into modern vernacular to spearhead an intellectual renewal in the contemporary reformed and evangelical Protestant Church.


Hillary Clinton's 4 Lies About Abortion and Planned Parenthood

During the third presidential debate between political rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last Wednesday, the former secretary of state failed the women she purports to represent by perpetuating several myths about abortion and Planned Parenthood that have been proven untrue.

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Jesus' Burial Chamber Uncovered for First Time in Nearly 500 Years

Scientists have reportedly uncovered for the first time since 1555 an ancient slab inside a chamber in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is believed to have once held Jesus' body.

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