Greg Laurie at SoCal Harvest: One Sin Can Keep You Out of Heaven

California evangelist Greg Laurie warned thousands of Christians and non-believers Friday night that one sin is all it takes to keep them out of Heaven and contended that religion is driving many people away from Jesus Christ.

Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll 'Grateful to God' for Dismissal of Mars Hill Racketeering Lawsuit

A civil racketeering lawsuit that has dogged former Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll since he was forced to resign from the now dissolved church in 2014, was dismissed by a U.S. District Court judge on Thursday.


New Os Guinness Book Is a Manifesto for Our Moment

Once in a while, a book comes along that reminds me of those "you are here" labels on hiking maps. I want to tell you about such a book, and how it can reorient you,

  • Michael Brown

    3 Steps to Bring Back Those Who Left the Faith

    An important new survey by Pew Research asks why people who were raised in religious homes but who now identify as religious "nones" — having no religious affiliation — decided to leave the faith of their childhood.

  • Jesus Christ the Redeemer

    Can Intellect Compete With Sports?

    NBC's Olympic coverage featured stirring stories of athletes who, from very young ages, aspired to be Olympians; some even drew pictures of themselves winning gold medals.

  • Chuck Bentley

    Ask Chuck: What Does the Bible Say About Payday Loans?

    Dear Chuck, What is your view of payday lending? It seems like Crown would have some insight on the perils of such loans and whether there are alternative ways to secure a "small-dollar loan" such as through church lending clubs, or some other means.

  • Thom Rainer

    4 Kinds of Members Your Church Will Always Lose

    Your church will lose four categories of church members; and you can do absolutely nothing to stop it.

  • Ryan Lochte

    Ryan Lochte Kerfuffle Underscores Need for Self-Control

    How much discipline and self-control must it take to be able to compete in the Olympics? It must take years of sacrifice and choosing the best over the good. Denying yourself in terms of what you eat. Forcing yourself time and again to exercise, whether you feel like it or not.

  • Donald Trump

    The Presidential Election: An Excruciating Choice

    This presidential election confronts Christians with a terrible dilemma. Many feel that choosing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 confronts them with an intolerable outcome. Which one is worse?

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ISIS Execution

ISIS Executes 6 of Its Leaders by Using a Flamethrower

The Islamic State terror group has executed six of its leaders with a weapon that sprays out burning fuel in the Nineveh Province of northwestern Iraq, for trying to escape to Syria, according to reports.

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