Blanchard Hall at Wheaton College

Wheaton 'Same God' Prof. Says Jesus Is Her Rock on Difficult Journey From Advent to Lent

Wheaton College announced Wednesday that it will create a scholarship in the name of former professor Larycia Hawkins, who has agreed to forgo her tenure and leave the school after being suspended in December for asserting that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Gene Robinson

Episcopal Church Won't Stop Supporting Gay Marriage Despite Suspension, Says Bishop

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has admitted that the Episcopal Church's suspension in January by the Anglican Communion for supporting gay marriage is fair, but said that it will not change their stance on the issue.


Presidential Candidates: What Will You Do About Worldwide Persecution of Christians?

The worldwide persecution of Christians reached horrifying heights in 2015. But what do the presidential candidates have to say about it?

  • Michael Brown

    CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed

    It is unfortunate that the Ted Cruz campaign and Rep. Steve King sent out misleading and even erroneous information about Dr. Ben Carson's campaign plans, for which Cruz and King have apologized. But CNN is also to blame ...

  • Peace Sign

    Muslims, H-Bombs and Environmentalists: What Will Bring Peace?

    Hydrogen bombs, like the one North Korea detonated in January, have thankfully never been used in war. These bombs, also called H-bombs, rely on the fusion of hydrogen atoms, and can be thousands of times more powerful than nuclear bombs.

  • matt moore

    3 Steps to Help Kill the Sin in Your Life

    Though I wholeheartedly agree that freedom from sin can only happen in and through Jesus Christ, I don't believe it is quite as passive or mystical as some folks describe it.

  • Susan Stamper Brown

    After Obama, America Needs Change, Bernie and Hillary Tell Us

    The Democrat Party presidential debates have been so snooze-worthy, it's enough to make you wonder if maybe the Democrat National Committee should schedule future debates sometime between Bernie Sanders' and Hillary Clinton's afternoon naps and the senior citizen early bird hour over at Golden Corral.

  • Wallace Henley Portrait

    My Strange Conversation With a Bernie Sanders Staffer

    "This is Bernie Sanders headquarters calling." Those words opened one of the strangest and possibly most revealing telephone calls I have ever received.

  • Thom Rainer

    6 Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt

    "Hey, I'm not on the church payroll. Go complain to someone else!" The moment the words left his mouth, he knew he blew it.

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Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Warns Christians Will 'Lose This Country' If They Don't Vote

The Rev. Franklin Graham implored Christians to vote based on their biblical values in a recent South Carolina speech, warning that they may "lose this country" if they don't participate in the 2016 election.

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