Thanksgiving Day parade

5 Facts You Should Know About Thanksgiving

Here are a few points of trivia about that one special Thursday in November that precedes the Christmas season and all its pageantry.

florida church

Floundering White Church Experiences 'Miraculous' Growth Since Merging With Black Megachurch

A once struggling, predominantly white church in Florida has experienced amazing growth since merging with a predominantly black megachurch.


How to Guarantee God's Holy Spirit Blesses You This Thanksgiving Holiday

This is the time each year when the vast majority of Americans curtail their daily routines and gather together with friends and loved ones for Thanksgiving. What are the origins of this celebration and what meaning should it have for Americans today?

  • Marina Slayton

    Thanksgiving Doesn't Have to Look Like a Martha Stewart Book

    My husband and I didn't grow up with many holiday traditions. I was lucky to get a cold turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving and his family didn't celebrate Christmas at all. But we just had our first child, and we want him (and his hoped for siblings) to have wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas memories. How should we start building those traditions? Thank you so much by the way…I really love your column.

  • max lucado

    Feeling Anxious? Today, Live Today

    A worried mind is a divided mind. Worry takes a meat cleaver to our thoughts, energy, and focus.

  • dan delzell opinion page

    Thank Your Way to a Good Attitude

    You didn't choose your parents or the color of your skin. And you didn't choose your DNA. But you can choose your attitude. You get to choose everyday whether to grumble and complain, or to give thanks instead. And it's encouraging to know that you can literally thank your way to a good attitude.

  • John stonestreet

    Caring About Small Things, Overlooking Big Things

    What is the most critical issue of our age? The war against religious freedom? ISIS? The definition of marriage? Or what to wear for Halloween?

  • Susan Stamper Brown

    Giving Thanks for Rescue Dogs, Indoor Plumbing and John 3:16

    It's almost Thanksgiving. The fireplace inside crackles while the snow outside falls, painting an exceptionally-Alaskan scene as I write, also reminding me that this is also the time of year I receive correspondence from thoughtful people asking how a particular American hero, a man who gave up his youth to serve this great nation under four presidents, is doing.

  • Thom Rainer

    5 Problems With Church Programs

    Writing this post may be one of the dumbest things I've ever done. I am the president of the world's largest Christian resource company, and I'm talking about the problems with church programs.

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justin bieber

Justin Bieber's Tour Being Pegged Megachurch Service

Concert reviewer calls Justin Bieber's tour a mega church service, as the crooner brings his pastor out on stage with him and shares about God.

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