First Presbyterian Church

PCUSA Presbytery Suing Megachurch to Keep It From Leaving Denomination

The PC(USA) Presbytery of Lehigh filed a lawsuit earlier this week asking a judge to prohibit the 2,600-member First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from leaving the denomination.

Thom Rainer

8 Indicators That Pastors Are Expected to Do Most of the Ministry

Okay, I admit it. I can't stand the terms. When you even speak of clergy and laity, you are implying that Christianity has a social caste system. There are the professional Christians and the ordinary Christians. Ugh.

  • Greg and Julie Gorman

    Why Do Some Marriages Thrive While Others Merely Survive?

    What causes some couples to thrive while others merely survive, if that, in marriage? After nearly two decades of studying human behavior and coaching couples, we stumbled upon a transformational truth. The catalyst to a truly happy, thriving marriage. Surprisingly, the answer is quite simple.

  • greg stier

    No Jesus. No Justice.

    There is no justice without Jesus.

  • John Jackson

    How a California Bill Violates the Religious Freedom of the School I Lead

    We work hard at providing students a diverse, respectful, safe and challenging environment to learn and prepare for life. The passage of SB 1146 would destroy that time-honored foundation and undercut the very fabric of higher education, which advocates for freedom of opinion and discourse.

  • matt moore

    God Doesn't Need You to 'Hipsterfy' His Gospel

    Why is it, though, that so many Christians in my generation feel like our presentation of the gospel should always be saturated with personality and spunk? Why must our communication of biblical truth always be jam-packed with witty humor? Why do they moan and complain about a plain and clear delivery of the gospel, calling it boring and ineffective?