Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Was Courageous for Not Endorsing Trump

Some are misreading on both ends Senator Ted Cruz's speech last night at the Republican National Convention.

  • Jerry Bowyer

    To Christian Trump Supporters Who Say He's Like Nebuchadnezzar

    Many evangelical Trump supporters keep using analogies about how Trump is like Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar and since God used these flawed leaders to accomplish His will, then we should elect Trump.

  • Michael J. New

    Can Donald Trump Win Without Devout Catholic Voters?

    Last week, the Pew Research Center released an interesting survey on the 2016 presidential election. It looks at how religious views and religiosity are affecting voting behavior. Many surveys ask people about their religious affiliation.

  • Michael Brown

    Hillary Clinton: Do Black Baby Lives Matter?

    I know that you and Mr. Clinton have been considered real friends of the African American community to the point that, before President Obama's election, your husband was jokingly referred to as the nation's first black president.

  • Indiana Governor Mike Pence

    Mike Pence: 8 Quotes From Trump's VP Nominee

    I had the privilege of doing a television interview for the broadcast ministry of Dr. D. James Kennedy in the same month as the historic 2010 mid-term elections, which favored conservatives. Here are portions of that 11/30/10 interview.

  • Steve Turley

    Why ISIS Is So Brutal

    In the wake of the Bastille Day massacred, there seems to be no end to ISIS-inspired brutality. In the latest slaughter, a Tunisian deliveryman, Mohamed Bouhlel, barreled his truck into a crowd in Nice, France, killing 84 and wounding 200.

  • Rachel Alexander

    Philando Castile: Obama and Media Over-Hyping Latest Black Suspect Shot by Cops

    Yet what keeps getting proven over and over again with these incidents — especially since so many law enforcement officers nowadays are black themselves or another minority — the shooting had nothing to do with racial bias.

Jamie Morgan

How to Pray for Your Police Department

People of God, we know the God who answers prayer. We are well acquainted with the power of prayer. We have been given the mandate to pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Let's not just "hash tag" a promise to pray. LET'S PRAY!

  • matt moore

    Are LGBT People Being Damaged by Traditional Christian Teaching?

    I have always held a soft spot in my heart for the LGBT community — which was once my community — and have labored vigorously to write about sexuality and faith with gentleness and respect.

  • Greg and Julie Gorman

    How to Discover Your Marriage's Specific Purpose

    In previous articles, we shared that couples who live for a greater purpose — together — thrive and provided 3 Universal Truths to ensure your marriage purpose builds on sturdy foundations. The question remaining then, is how.

  • Pornography's Attack on Marriage

    5 Tips to Heal Your Marriage From Pornography

    To discover your loved one is an addict can be difficult, but finding out that they are addicted to pornography can put devastating strains on a marriage.

  • Miles McPherson

    Enough Talking. It's Time to Stop and Pray.

    That week represented one of the darkest series of events I remember in my lifetime. First on Tuesday, police in Baton Rouge, LA, shot Alton Sterling to death. Two days later, Philando Castile was shot by a police officer after being pulled over for a busted headlight in Minnesota.