Abortion 'Care Packages' Containing Handcuffs Sent to Over 500 Clinics in the US With Warning: 'Could You Be Next?'

Pro-Life Action League
Photo: The Pro-Life Action League's project "Perfect Fashion Accessory for Every Abortionist: Handcuffs" includes plastic handcuffs and postcards featuring Oklahoma abortionist Naresh Patel who was arrested on December 9, 2014, for fraud after he prescribed abortion-inducing drugs to women who weren't pregnant. Patel had also been accused of sexually assaulting clients and burning aborted babies' remains in a field. The postcards, delivered to more than 500 abortion clinics throughout the U.S. this week, encourage abortionists to get out of the abortion business and contact the pro-life group.
The Pro-Life Acton League has sent over 500 plastic handcuffs inside "care packages" that are being delivered to abortion clinics throughout the U.S. this week and include a picture...

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